Topamax for Bipolar Disorder

Topiramate (known as Topamax) for bipolar disorder sufferers helps  stabilize the condition.

Using Topamax for bipolar disorder may not be suitable for everyone but it can help stop and potentially prevent any of the common mood swings that can be developed as part of the symptoms.

As with all medicines, it is important to always ensure that these are taken correctly because any condition will not heal itself and in the long term, keep taking your medicine and you will be free on the condition that almost certainly rules you. Never stop taking a medicine because you feel better, it is important to wait until the doctor says that it is safe and has noted that taking your medication will now not have any more benefits.

Bipolar disorder can be quite serious and it is therefore important to seek help immediately. With the condition, a sufferer can experience extreme mood swings such as severe mania or heavy depression.

Topamax is an anticonvulsant and as a result will calm the days of mania and equal out the feelings. As a whole, it is a very effective drug and even though it may only keep the symptoms at bay, it is enough for the doctor to find a more permanent way for treatment.

It is said that taking Topamax for bipolar disorder tends to be for the more difficult to treat cases because even though it is commonly used for episodes of mania, it can also aid feelings of depression, anxiety and sleeplessness which are all associated with the disorder.

As with all medications, there are certain side effects to deal with in terms of taking Topamax, they are not serious and before issuing the drug, your doctor will always run through the side effects with you. Many users of the drug have reported some weight loss and other side effects whereas other people have not had any problems whatsoever.

It all comes down to the person but overall, Topamax is making a huge difference to your life, you can be free of bipolar symptoms. If you have any concerns about this medication discuss it with your doctor and the feasability of alternatives like Lamictal