Hypersexuality and Bipolar Disorder

Hypersexuality are periods of promiscuity are not uncommon with bipolar and presents a threat to both the family and sufferer and can be particularly destructive in bipolar relationships.

Hypersexuality with Bipolar Disorder For anyone in a relationship with a bipolar individual keep on the lookout for obsession with sex, compulsive sexual behavior, sexual addiction or whatever – essentially an abnormal increase in the desire for sexual gratification.

For many undiagnosed bipolar individuals this could be the first sign that something is not quite right and might well be the trigger for seeking medical help. Hypersexuality is symptomatic of mania in bipolar disorder and promotes an exceptionally vulnerable time for both parties in the relationship and if not recognized and properly handled can lead to emotional turmoil and family breakups. Those with hypersexuality urges during manic episodes tend to be non-discretionary in terms of sexual partners when the need to satisfy the urge supersedes all else.

Unsuspecting partners of normally sexually conservative individuals are often surprised at the onset of an affair, usually an entirely inappropriate one at that. Accompanied by words like “you’re the only one I love but ….. its the sex dear” and that’s it – you and the family are dumped for sexual gratification.

For the partner left picking up the pieces after these promiscuous incidents or affairs its devastating both emotionally and financially especially if the absconding parent is also the sole earner. Trusting the offender again can be a giant hurdle to overcome which is where sound advice from guides such as Relationship Trust Turnaround or Journey to Trust or Break Free from the Affair by Dr. Bob Huizenga could be very helpful.

Often the prime mover is in fact not the sex obsessed individual but seasoned sex predators on the lookout for vulnerable high earning individuals. They pounce with lightning speed satisfy the sexual needs and very little else, and often succeed in breaking even long standing happy relationships. Lying about such infidelity is not uncommon so if you are in a relationship that you wish to preserve and find unfamiliar phone numbers on your partner’s cellphone it may be worth tracing the call and finding out who the number belongs to.

Bipolar disorder can be well managed with appropriate medication. Well controlled mania will handle hypersexuality and other emotional extremes like bipolar rage.