Bipolar signs

There are some lesser known bipolar signs associated with the chronic mood disorder known as Bipolar disorder that are worthy of mention. With bipolar mood changes occur over which the patient has no control. During mood episodes altered thoughts can lead to odd behavior which is often destructive in nature and with potentially adverse outcomes for both the sufferer and their loved ones. These mood changes from which the illness gets its name will increase in intensity and duration over time if left untreated.

Between the two extremes of mania and depression life can be fairly normal and indicators of anything amiss may be difficult to detect. However during episodes the conduct of a bipolar individual is significantly altered and noticeable to family and friends even if the offender doesn’t recognize or accept that something is wrong. During manic episodes energy levels are elevated and lots of activity occurs, much of it unsociable. Depression episodes cause the opposite with low energy levels, minimal activity, negative thoughts and a decline into despair. For those associated with anyone with bipolar, especially if undiagnosed, mania will probably be the greater challenge for it is during this stage that conduct detrimental to both the subject and others occurs with potentially devastating social financial and relationship consequences.

Not everyone prone to unacceptable social conduct necessarily has Bipolar and only a medical professional can make the diagnosis but if you feel that something is wrong with a loved one having recurrent mood changes for no apparent reason and displaying erratic behavior resembling

Bipolar individuals are often aware that what they doing is wrong but are unable to control their actions and loathe to accept responsibility for the consequences. All too often the damage is in an advanced stage before loved ones are forced to take action. People with Bipolar can be extremely manipulative and convincing. Even if there is a known history of lying which is common with bipolar disorder each new story comes with an element of truth, just sufficient to rationalize hanging onto hope and to let the benefit of doubt prevail even though trust has been destroyed. Hypersexuality leading to promiscuous encounters and entirely inappropriate affairs has destroyed many a relationship. Its not a matter of finding love elsewhere rather it is fueled by an uncontrollable urge for sex – how, where an when is irrelevant.

Generally bipolar and money do not mix well. Excessive irrational spending regardless of any ability to service the debt is another symptom indicative of Bipolar Disorder. The reckless acquisition of unnecessary goods is thought driven and like other manic symptoms have no rational basis. Compulsive thoughts prevail until the item of interest is attained either by purchase or even theft if there is no access to cash or credit.

Disproportional anger outbursts or rage with a pattern of bullying to manipulate and control others is another potential indicator. The outburst itself is generally not premeditated, often triggered by some trivial incident but a climax to the build up of fear shame guilt or whatever strong emotion the person is battling at the time.

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