Bipolar Homeopathy Benefits

The bipolar disease is a chronic and long standing mental disorder, characterized by frequent and severe mood swings, depression and even manic attacks. The fact that genetics has been found to be a very important factor in the causation or the predisposition to this disease, has made it quite responsive to preventive and pre-emptive measures. But the deterrence can be brought in to action only through a Homeopathic approach to the treatment.

The fact that Homeopathic medicines act on the individual as a whole, and the homeopathic treatment of any disorder consists of taking familial or genetic inheritance of disease into minute consideration, makes it all the more perfect as a preventive or anticipatory mode of treatment.

Homeopathy has studied the causation, development, progress, outcome and inheritance of all diseases in minute detail. Just by taking a detailed Homeopathic case history of any patient, a veteran Homeopathic physician can easily predict the kind of diseases the patient in question is going to suffer from. Also an accurate prediction about the outcome of any existing disease can be stated, merely by studying the case history of any patient. Though it sounds quite strange and even preposterous to the patients and the physicians familiar with only non-homeopathic systems of medicine, this is a proved and corroborated fact.

To make the above statement more comprehensive and clear, a patient with any skin disorder may be considered. To make the example more lucid, we may consider the skin disease Psoriasis. Now if this patient has had Psoriasis for last 15 years and has been using strong ointments or non-homeopathic medicines to suppress the discharges or the skin rashes, then it can be safely concluded by a homeopathic physician (after case taking) that this patient will definitely suffer from either Asthma or a digestive system disorder. This is more definite, if he continues to suppress the Psoriasis with the suppressive and the non-homeopathic medicines.

Similarly a person having a familial history of bipolar disease can be put through the pre-emptive approach in Homeopathy, merely by analyzing the information listed below:

  • Personal history, which includes all details of the physical, mental and emotional history of the patient.
  • Family history
  • Personal disease history
  • Information about any diseases existing currently, which may or may not be mental in nature.

If a person with a familial history of bipolar disease approaches a Homeopathic physician for treatment of a totally different disease, say for instance Rheumatism. This patient will be put through a rigorous case taking where there is a detailed physical-psychological-hereditary analysis. Just by selecting the exact homeopathic medicine and adding a constitutional medicine to the course of treatment of the Rheumatism, the patient is ensured that he will be immune to any further development of the bipolar disease. But the patient has to follow the treatment instructions carefully and entirely, to gain the mentioned benefits. Homeopathy can be safely described as authentic and the only system of medicine which merits the description of being the Modern Medicine, because no other system of medicine can predict or pre-warn about the future development of disease and prevent it form developing too.

Homeopathy has immense benefits which actually act as unexpected bonus during the course of treatment of any disease. The few instances of additional and unexpected benefits are listed below:

  • Treatment of all the other existing diseases, in spite of consulting the Homeopathic physician for only a few among them. For instance if a patient has Psoriasis, Asthma, Hypertension, Anxiety neurosis, and constipation, this patient need not visit different homeopathic specialists for all the different diseases. Consideration of the patient as a whole, rather than made up of individual systems, like the respiratory and the digestive system etc, makes this treatment of all the disease together with a single course of homeopathic treatment possible.
  • Taking treatment for any disorder during pregnancy ensures not only the complete and safe treatment of the mother but also helps in strengthening the immunity of the unborn child and also can help in easy delivery.

Some famous people have chosen homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy could well be the medicine of the future.